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Grief and Loss

We experience great sadness when we lose a loved one or when a relationship ends.

In times of loss and separation it is more important than ever to take time in order to feel all that is coming up - otherwise the sadness turns into anger, and frustration and pain go unnoticed for what they really are - an expression of love.

Your grief is unique, your loss is unique, your sadness is unique - you are also part of the human tribe who experiences loss and death. You are not alone in this.

We don't have to like the fact that loss leaves space for something new. But whenever you feel ready - let us explore what that space feels like and what that newness looks like.


Where is the space for the emptiness inside you? Who is holding you when you are feeling like falling with no end in sight?







Below we provided a guided meditation for loss and grief - it is in German, an English version will be coming soon.

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