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01 At Peace In Your Own Power

Following my devotion for human diversity and vitality, I use systematic parts-therapy (Internal Family Systems IFS), pre- and perinatal psychology (PPN) and bodywork with my clients, who want to return to their  peaceful power and inner clarity, while leaving pathologized states behind. To be at peace in your own power means to me that we stop trying to improve or adjust ourselves, but to understand and embrace who are.

55min | 150 USD

* in English | German

02 Is This For You?

We, you and I, as human beings are in this together. Please reach out and we can chat about your patterns and feel into your longings.


I don't want to change who you are - I want you to be become MORE of who you are truly, deeply and intuitively by integrating all aspects (parts) of you and into your relationships.

Read HERE what others say about my work.

​Common areas my client bring to me, include but are not limited to:

Being stuck in emotional or behavioral patterns  |  Unresolved loss or grief Miscarriage  |  Finding the right partner Integrating difficult experiences  |  Stress and burnout  |  Weight issues and eating habits

* I work with babies, children, adult individuals, couples, and parents.

03 Internal Family Systems IFS

I am really passionate about using the non-pathologizing and empowering approach of Internal Family Systems. We will be using it in all of our sessions together, AND it is something you take home with you. Learning to communicate with your internal parts from a place of clarity, compassion, and  balance is a tangible way to make mindfulness alive.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a non-pathological approach to personal transformation. The theory behind IFS is based on the observation that we are experiencing reality through a multitude of inner parts. For example, one part takes care that we get out of bed in the morning, another part is holding up our guard when we are unjustly criticized. When these parts are balanced and in alignment, we are able to function healthily. However, when we experience traumatic relationships or situations, these parts express themselves in a more extreme form: the controlling part manages not only how we are getting to work, but also tries to control our eating habits, for example, resulting in eating disorders or compulsive behavior. 

Within the IFS modality, I, the facilitator, will access your system with permission from all of your inner parts. Each inner part will be given space to be heard, and the burden of their responsibilities will be removed. The process will free you, and release your inner parts from their extreme behaviors.

* read more about the evolution of IFS here > IFS Institute


04 Pre- and Perinatal Psychology PPN

Most of our imprinting - the way we unconsciously make decisions and judgements about ourselves, others, and situations - stems from the non-verbal stage. Resolving traumatic imprinting from when it begun is the only way to free up your capacity for aliveness fully and permanently. How did you come to this world? How were you welcomed by your parents? Were you wished for? What did your mother think and feel while you were in her womb, during the first years of your life, when everything she thought and felt was your way of experiencing the world as well? What did you learn about the world back then, when you did not have words for your experience?

* I am currently studying PPN with Janet Evergreen and Tonya Ridings following Myrna Martins teachings.

05 Your Body Is Our Guide

Our bodies never lie. Your emotional anatomy reveals more to us than any thought centered modality could ever uncover, have clarity on, or solve.

I always use the body as the main resource for collecting insights about you. This means that we check in continuously how something feels in your body while talking.


As a licensed massage therapist, and with your consent, I also include touch to support you in your experience and help you move through difficult emotions. Touch and also sound will leave you feeling refreshed and grounded when we end a session.

06 Other Modalities

The energetic qualities of this work are freeing, non-pathalogizing, deep, transformative, permissive, spiritual.

* A personalized audio recording will be made for you so that you can listen to it in between our sessions. With this hypnotic, guided meditation new states of being are internalized and support the formation of new pathways in your brain.

Hypnosis allows your brain to enter into a state of alpha brain waves, similar to being in REM sleep. Different from sleeping, you are very much awake and aware of your emotions, your subconscious, and your universal memory. It is the thinking mind that is put to sleep during hypnosis.

In this state, your subconscious can show you the answers to the questions that keep you from living life to your full potential, and/ or settling with the past. You are simply talking to me and are 100% in control of what happens, what thoughts you want to share with me, and when to stop.

Meditative Practices enable you to cultivate awareness of your body, mind and spirituality. The meditation prompts that I use are a combination of the various forms of meditation that I have been practicing for the past 15 years and include physical awareness, mental mindfulness, and visualizations.


New clients are offered a 15 min initial consultation free of charge, allowing you to understand the process and become familiar with your coach.

15 min | 0 USD



* By e-mail only:

* All sessions take place online via zoom / phone or in person.

* Please note that when reserving your first session, we require payment at the time of booking. Your first appointment will be confirmed only after full payment has been made. Thank you.


I usually have a wait list, therefore, in the event that you need to cancel or reschedule, please let me know by email at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations made up to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment will not be charged. For cancellations within the 24-hour period, no refund will be given. We thank you for your understanding.


Please NOTE: I am a non-licenced coach, practicing non-pathologizing modalities. As such, I cannot assess, diagnose or treat mental disorders. While I am trained in the modalities that I am using, I am not a psychologist or a psychotherapist or counselor.

If you have a complex mental health or medical need, please seek appropriate help from practitioners within the medical field.



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