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Losing your unborn child is without comparison - no words can describe the pain, the feeling, and being without answers and hope.

There is no meaning in the death of your child. But there is meaning in you being alive. There is a space beyond the words, where your tears can flow and yet you can also smile - for we as mothers carry both life and death. And we carry this love for life and the grieving for the dead together. You are part of our tribe of mothers and fathers of unborn children.

Annelie experienced the loss of our unborn child herself. What has helped her most was having space to grief. Without grieve we cannot process the love and sadness surrounding that little soul; and this sadness will linger in our system and turn against us, because it needs to be felt eventually. 

Meaning is essential for us to be able to get up in the morning. In meaning, we find relief.

The little soul will always be with you. I am here for you to support you in your grieving process and the months that follow.


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