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About an answer to anxiety and helplessness during a global pandemic

Anxious and helpless, we know too little, insecure and paralyzed. So many words express the anxiety to fall sick from Covid-19, especially here in the US, and the anxiety about the ones who are infected and the anxiety around those who are apparently cured from Covid-19 but suffer from long-term neurological symptoms.

Despite the hopelessness in the public discussion, there is one thing that we all can do – strengthen your immune system – your defense qi, to care for and tent to your wei qi. I am missing this focus in the public debate – hope and confidence and to own our responsibility to stay strong and healthy, instead of giving the responsibility to the officials, to the doctors after we get sick. To stay healthy is your responsibility and good doctors support us to not get sick in the first place.

Instead of narrowing, expand and take the fresh air in, the possibilities of the present moment, the healthy food, the encounter with intimates, familiar and with the new, with people, directly (yes, distance and masks), but as a real encounter, not virtual. And: We can even expend to feel the anxiety, without getting overwhelmed.



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