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About the primordial spirit of your lungs

Late autumn is the season of METAL and its associated organ the LUNG. It is filled by the primordial spiritconnecting with the animal nature within us. Your breath, your steady companion is your connection to our animal nature as well as the present moment. Let YOU be, let everything that you are be, your animal nature knows nothing of good or bad. We are most naturally in our animal nature in the beginning of our life and at the very end. The infant and the dying perceive and understand purely through emotions, by feeling what is around them - the magnificence of life, love, loss, pain, anxiety, trust – they are feeling their way through companionship, protection and attachment. The end and the beginning are without cerebral understanding, without conceptions of right and wrong - simply being. What I love most about this season is that it holds space for feelings we try to avoid most - grieve and sadness, for the loss of physical existence and past experiences of love. Be here now – for me this means be with ALL that was and is AND YET smile, and yet expand in the moment that is present – be here now, truly and honestly means to STOP pushing away, trying to change what is but be with what is. The moment we start to accept that we can only be present if we bring our focus to the present WITH EVERYTHING THERE IS, is the moment you arrive. Breathe – what if you take a break from trying to change? What if you stopped being afraid of what will be? What if you gave yourself permission to be your weakness and your strength, your beauty, your love - here in the power of the present?



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