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About feeling the animal and tree inside

We are animals. That is often forgotten. For the shortest time in evolutionary terms, have we communicated with spoken language and abstract concepts. Why is that relevant for your soul? Because we can only be healthy and heal when we are living every aspect of our being. And this includes doing something unexpected and crazy - testing how far we can outgrow the norm(al).

Try and see how you feel after you just sing, hum. scream, shake, smell your tea, enjoy the rays of sunlight – embrace another living being. Do it right now – nothing holds you back except societies' rules that you agreed to follow.

In this moment.

Now is all you have, one day there won’t be a tomorrow.  Live is finite, that is why animals enjoy whenever they can, without shame or holding back.


Vrksasana (Tree Pose)

Key: Standing on one leg, while the other legs' foot leans against the standing leg with the knee turn outwards. Both arms shoot up into the sky. Hint: Rotate your arms outside before you lift them upwards + bring your naval to your spine = integrity, while lifting your chest = openness.

Assorted muscles: muscles that retract the shoulder blades (rhomboids and middle fibers of trapezius), muscles that lift the arms (deltoid, supraspinatus, biceps brachii, coracobrachialis).

TCM Channels: Hand Shaoyin (Heart Channel) and Foot Taiyin (Spleen Channel).

Emotional and energetic qualities: The heart is the emperor in TCM and controls the shen, your soul, the flow of your energy and your blood. Our self-esteem is rooted in the shen. In combination with the Spleen Channel, which belongs to the earth element, we can feel our affiliation to the here and now.



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