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About getting out of thought-circles

Our thoughts circle around that which we are used to. We feel comfortable within the known sphere. Without attention, our lives consist of the past, that we incessantly long to see manifested in our future – don’t we?

If allowed, our brains are making an effort to manifest the future with the feelings and experiences from the past. Because that appears to give us control. And control is good, says our human-ness.

Do you see what is happening? You are limited, in everlasting repetition - certainly with nuances, but limited to the past. How do you dream about your future, if you let the pain of past experiences reign? How are you able to create something new, when the old is inhabiting your emotions?

Mindful. With an open sight and a heart that is strengthened by trust. Every moment anew. Curious. Do I narrow my glance? Do I make decisions based on past hurt? Do I want to guard myself from known injustice? Is my heart full of love or heavy with fear? Mindful. Now. And here. Now and here. Mindfully do I open my being for the unknown and allow the unlimited potential to take up the space.



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