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About the chaos in our earthling's brain

Us, we little Earthlings. Every day anew we search for some sort of meaning in this life. Every day anew, we hope to be a little bit better than yesterday. Every day anew confronts us with the unexpected, with hurt, shame, but also with joy and pleasure.

Our brains translate this insane chaos into symbols that make sense to us. And then we think these symbols are the world, our world, our life. Yet, we are only small earthlings. Sometimes, and with attention more often, there is a shimmer, a breeze of eternity, of the connection to and with everything.

In nature we feel the awe towards that which is greater than ourselves and we experience our own transitoriness, even irrelevance. And this is the most liberating feeling. Not I am in control, but the wind, the water, the light, die energy, the goddess.

This knowledge, that it is not me, who is guiding the flow of life, brings the long hoped for relieve from the well-known yet fruitless try, to achieve everything on my own.



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