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About being in the flow

To be in the flow – metaphorically and actually, both are desirable states of motion, aren’t they? To be in the flow metaphorically speaking, presents us with a feeling of confidence and ease – but that’s not everything. While flowing through, the energy sets feelings such as shame and anger free as well – once in the open, these feelings are finally allowed to be what they are – just feelings, instead of cause for unfiltered reaction.

Emptiness and exhausting are part of life’s flow as well, but we often deny this. Being in the flow, I give myself to life completely, to a higher power than myself, that moves me – within and through me.  All my parts are welcome.

We often use phrases such as wholistic healing and medicine – WHOLE means to experience everything – the hope and the despair. The moment I can be with what I want to change most desperately, in this moment I am free.



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