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01 Self-Love and Acceptance

From Gabriel (Physiotherapist)

The journey with Annelie has been life changing. Since doing IFS and Hypnotherapy with Annelie my life will never be the same again. 

It is an out of this world experience. Everything that you need, you carry inside of you, Annelie helps you to open the door and look at it. It brings you closer to yourself than you ever could have imagined was possible. Something so pure and true, she guides you through the process with ease and confidence. I have always felt protected, never alone and supported to face my issues. Annelie unlocked my self-love and self-acceptance.

02 Transformation to be free

From Jake (Software Developer)

Annelie is a guiding light of transformation. She helped me so effortlessly to look at the parts of my existence which wanted to be heard for so long. I lacked the tools to open myself up and look at my issues in order to accept them and transform myself. Annelie took me by the hand and gave me the courage to change my life for myself, with my own power but giving me the helping hand that I needed. The people surrounding me have noticed my transformation and  have decided to also heal their traumas. By now we are a group that has received Annelie's healing touch and we keep on sharing her gifts with the world so everyone can become the person that they want to be.

03 Resolve long existing barriers

From Martin Giesswein (Consultant | MBA Professor | Author)

As a loving family father and engaged businessman, Annelie supported me to resolve long existing personal barriers. In the last decade I had a lot of supporters on my mind&soul journey, but Annelie´s methods, empathy and experiences sustainably waved the path for me to feel happier, be more loving and increased my business performance. That happened during a handful of sessions, and already after the first one I was eager to go into the next, because it is no work or burden, rather a friendly walk together and a deep relief. I cordially thank my friend for introducing Annelie to me and I am happy that my wife is now also working with Annelie.

04 My life has now begun 

From Camilla Sievers (CEO Female Founder)

Annelie was chosen to do this. She changed my brain, my subconscious, freed me from the things that were holding me back. It feels like a rebirth. I have become the person that I never would have dreamed of becoming. I have accepted myself, I love all parts of myself and for the first time I am living a free life. Free of issues, free of anxieties, free of interdependencies, free of fear. The burden that I carried has fallen off. Fully relieved. Annelie will forever be my soul ferry.


05 Grief Support & Letting go of unhealthy relationships

From Donata (Montessori teacher)

Annelie helped me immensely to heal and find a beautiful way dealing with my grief that was in my system for a long time. She is gifted because she feels exactly what you need on a higher level. I felt very safe and so valued. This experience opened my eyes for who I am and why I am this way on a deeper level. It was a turning point for letting go of unhealthy relationships.This work with Annelie changed my life and I’m incredibly thankful!

06 Releasing stuck patterns & emotions

From Pauline (psychologist)

Annelie came just at the right time into my life. Only one session was initial for a relieving process and a deep transformation in- and outside. Annelie was so open hearted, really caring and gave me a space where I felt safe to open up. She guided & accompanied me so well during the whole session and following process. Annelie is so genuine & precious and you can really feel that her core aim is to fill this world with love & peace.
Thank you so much!

07 Becoming the Person I wanted to be

From Caroline (researcher)

If you want to become the person that you want to be, look no further. You have found your healer to support you on your journey! The answers that you are looking for will be found.

08 Understanding ones situation & finding inner peace

From Pilar (entrepreneur)

Since the beginning Annelie was really professional, determined and with a kind heart. She let me see things that were really deep inside of me and I gained a better understanding of the most important aspects of my life. It’s an amazing experience. Every euro I spent was really super worth it. I know Annelie will be a person who will be accompanying me for the rest of my life, because I will repeat this healing process as often as I need it. She also makes audio recordings of personalized meditations with aspects of hypnosis in it, which where immensely helpful for me to continue our work on my own. 

The work with her is about having inner peace, and a better connection with yourself. I’m sure this amazing work gives each one of us what we really need.

09 Finding the right partner

From Tina (sales manager)

The hypnosis with Annelie was about my love relationships and the question: "Why do I always choose the wrong partners?" I just found my love life to be very unfair! I always put myself last, always tried to please the other person, gave up on my own wishes and desires, always gave without receiving back and in the end it was never rewarded.

Through the extensive session and the hypnosis, Annelie managed to go deeply into my inner being, and I was able to answer questions, the answers of which I had been looking for for so long. For example, an essential aspect of the whole relationship problem was the question why I always have the feeling that I have to fight for something and nothing is ever easy for me.

After just one session with Annelie, I have found a partner who has been in my life for a long time, but whom I simply had not paid attention to. He fulfills all of my wishes and even beyond.

I often think of Annelie's words - when I have a bad day or have doubts, I listen to her customized recording of the hypnosis for me, because it strengthens me and lets me look in the right direction.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope you enrich many other people in your life.

10 Finding my Independent Inner Light

From Tim (small business owner)

Annelie has profoundly influenced my day to day mental and emotional state of being. I had assumed when working with a coach that support would be coming primarily from the outside, from the coach herself.  After a few sessions together, I was surprised to experience the warm embrace of support that is available from within.   This inner support became available by building a relationship with my parts and ultimately knowing my Self.  Through our sessions together, I have learned how to listen to and witness the parts from the place of a loving observer whose inner light is not dependent on anything but capable of holding everything.


Mind:Body Coaching

Connect | About the Coach

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