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01 From Natasha Kalergis  

Founder & CEO of Bantam Communications

Annelie is more than a massage therapist, she is a comprehensive healer across the mind and the body. Her multi-disciple training and passion for restorative practices translate to a massage that doesn't just feel fantastic, it is therapeutic and dynamic, differing each session depending on your unique needs that day. I have been a religious receiver of massages from varying practitioners in Charlottesville over the last decade and Annelie is my favorite therapist in the area. I could not recommend her more!

02 From Camilla Sievers

CEO Female Founder

Annelie is gifted with an extraordinary sensory system. It's like she sees with her fingertips. She glides over your skin and explores points exactly where it's needed. I have been going to massage therapy all my life and I have never experienced this. I feel instantly comfortable and relaxed in her presence. Her touch is like you want it, her knowledge is deep, the surroundings, music, essential oil smells all heighten the experience. She works your body effortlessly, she introduces techniques in her practice which I have never experienced, she's really changed the game for me. My body has never responded with such gratitude, calmness and complete relaxedness, I am always sad to leave.

03 From Susan

Health Billing Coordinator

Annelie is a real body therapist. 

Every session is different, there is no one size fits all model. Every time I get exactly what I need at the time. The hours with Annelie are three experiences in one: a massage therapy, an aroma therapy and the background music feels like a sound bath. Please gift yourself a complete body and mind relaxation, you will be transformed.

04 From Whitney McDermot

Architect and Mother

 I have been reveling in the deep relaxation and care you showed me on Tuesday. Thank you again for taking such time and letting me into your schedule. I am feeling very good and have been surprised by both the lingering physical calm but also, and even more surprisingly, the number of totally new and positive thoughts and ideas that I’ve had during and since the massage. I suppose the deep calm allowed me space to think but also your presence, care, and understanding certainly triggered these positive thoughts and new creative ideas as well. As my first therapeutic massage, I can easily say the experience has been catalytic in my desire for this kind of care and I look forward to integrating this into my life and sharing it with others. Your graciousness and warmth removed the misconceptions I previously held about massage: the guilt I felt in allowing time for self-care. Instead, you have opened my eyes to a more gentle and peaceful approach to being and I now see massage as something much more than a thing to have done and instead I learned from you that massage can be about openness and trust and giving and accepting. All of this to say, thank you, Annelie.


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