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Weight Issues and Eating Habits

For many, eating is not a care-free necessity or even a joyful activity. Instead eating is sometimes loaded with guilt, punishment, control - in other words an underlying, insatiable longing for safety and rest.

Having extra weight is safe for our survival. If you feel emotionally threatened by your surroundings and the stress in your life, your body wants to help you fight through it by providing extra energy at all times. Without addressing the underlying issues of not feeling at ease, safe and loved, weight reduction is not possible.

When one is unable to stop eating, your memories and feelings long for a certain emotional state desperately - maybe it is safety or rest or the feeling of being loved. As infants we learned that food provides us with a feeling of safety and completeness. And as adults we try to recreate these states by over-eating.

Let us find the way back to your natural relationship with food. Mindful eating habits where you are in charge of when, what and how much you take in.


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